Prodel Photographic is centrally located in rural Buckinghamshire, with easy access to M1/ M40.  Closeby are Buckingham, Milton Keynes, Towcester, Northampton, Banbury and Oxford.
While the main "commercial" offering here is currently lens calibration and product photography, we're also happy to share our little work space with local photographers and models who need somewhere to shoot, for example, for:  General Portraiture and Fashion; Small-Medium Products (i.e if they will fit through a standard door); Testing ideas/ concepts before heading to a larger, more fully equipped studio.
We have a selection of lighting equipment available and full length white, black and grey backdrops, with nice high ceilings, some natural light, and a product table.  Please contact us for more details, and please feel free to bring you own lighting kit or backdrops if you prefer.
For non-commercial work, we ask only for a very modest contribution to the overheads and to cover the tea, coffee and biscuits:  £10 per hour, £35 for up to half a day, £60 for a full day.
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