What Prodel Offers
Prodel offers a general commercial service covering a range of genres. 
Please feel free to email or, preferably, call on 01280 84 84 85 or 07712 589 846, to discuss your specific needs, so we can prepare the most cost-effective quotation for your project.
For larger location-based projects, shoots in factories or other business premises, we may ask to visit and survey the location beforehand.
Quotations and Rates
Each job is different and will be subject to its own Client requirement criteria.  So each job will be estimated using a quotation template and a standard set of measured rates to determined the most cost-effective total price.
The quotation provided will be in sufficient detail to define how the "Brief" will be met and the rate applied to each aspect of the work, so the Client A) knows what to expect for the quoted price, and B) can see how much the price will vary, up or down, if they require changes to the Brief, for example if the number of shots required changes, or if the numbers or sizes of prints change.
As an indication though, when all things are taken into account, the cost per image file is typically between £15 and £30, depending on the requirements of the Brief and the number of shots required, including image processing and licensing, but excluding printing.  We do have a minimum charge of £50 though.
Where Models are required, these will be quoted per hour, depending on Client requirement/ specification.
Small Product Pack Shots 
Where there is a high volume requirement, or where there is likely to be a repeat requirement, with an easy-to-replicate set-up, Prodel will be very happy to review the image and quantity requirements with a view to arriving at a cost-effective unit price.
Corporate Headshots
Simple, single corporate headshots to a pre-agreed style start at £40 for a single person, but discounts will apply for additional people, based on a calculation of the time involved.  Please ask for a quote.
​​​​​​​Pricing Notes
1.  Travel time will generally not be charged for assignments local to base, but may be included within the estimate for assignments further away.
2.  Mileage would not generally be charged for assignments within 15 miles of base, completed within a single day.
3.  Overnight and out-of-pocket expenses for work away would be charged a cost.
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