Prodel offers a simple, flexible portraiture package for private clients, for £100, based on a nominal one-hour session in the studio.
WHAT'S INCLUDED AS STANDARD:  1 hour studio time; online viewing of the images (so you can make your selection for editing);  3 fully edited web-sized digital images (perfect for viewing on computers and for social media). 
EXTRAS:   Everything is flexible and nothing is a problem, but obviously, we do have to cover the extra time and cost involved.  Our "extras" pricing is as follows:
  - Additional Images:  Unedited images (if requested) - £5;  "Standard" edit - £15; "Full" portrait edit - £30
  - Creating Collages:  Based on working with pre-edited images, an additional £5 for each image in the collage
  - Extra Studio/ Shooting Time:  £25 per half-hour/ £50 per hour
  - Makeup Artist:  From £45 for one "look" for one person, but discounts can apply for extra persons and/ or looks.  Please ask for a quote.  (COVID-19 UpdatePlease note that we cannot offer the services of a Makeup Artist under current guidelines)
 - Printing, Mounting, Framing, Digital Albums, Coffee Table Books etc:  These will all be quoted for you as part of the consultation process, but you can vary these at any time before orders are placed.  Please note that we use the SIM group of companies for all our printed products.  SIM are nationally reputed suppliers to the professional photography trade and the quality of their products is exceptional.
Please get in touch with any queries or to check availability by messaging or clicking the green button above, or call 01280 84 84 85 (office hours only) or 07712 589 846.
Sharing a shoot with a friend or family member is absolutely not a problem and could be a really cost-effective way of getting the shots you both want.  The basic package above can be tailored with any extras you need to get you the best priced package.

Do you have old family photographs you'd like cleaned up and re-printed?  Or maybe you'd like a larger family collage created?
This type of work is a bit difficult to price on a fixed basis because every job is different.  The very worst case, where there are just a few photographs and every original photograph is of different sizes, the cost could be around £15 per image, plus editing (cleaning up) time.  However, where there are lots of photos of the same size, and they are in good condition with no editing required, it could be possible to get the price closer to £2 per image.  
So please contact us for a quote and we'll do the best we can for you.  Please note there is a minimum charge of £40 though, excluding printing costs.

FOR ANYTHING ELSE.......including location work:  Please email or, preferably, call on 1280 84 84 85 or 07712 589 846, to discuss your specific requirements, so we can prepare the most cost-effective quotation for you.

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